Hard Times (Issue 104) Britain beyond Brexit


Hard Times Magazine

ISSN 0171-1695 (104)

Format A5, S. 112


Table of Contents:


Georgia Christinidis, Jessica Fischer and Frauke Hofmeister

New Directions: Boris Johnson and English Conservatism
Andrew Gamble

Corbynism, Hegemony, and Us
Sebastian Berg

“Taking back Control”: Whose, and Back to When?
Logie Barrow

Questions to Philip B. Whyman on British Politics and the British Economy beyond Brexit
Sebastian Berg3

Past the Point of no Return: Scotland, Brexit and Independence
Klaus Stolz

Borders, Brexit and Beyond: Fragments on Northern Ireland
Frauke Hofmeister

A Bitter Spring
Felicity Dowling

Still GETting Across Borders? Austerity, Brexit and Scottish Schools
Annegret Landgraf and Jennifer Riedel

Dispatches from Brexitland
M.G. Sanchez

A European in Wales, in Times of Brexit
Elena Schmitz

Obituary: H. Gustav Klaus
Christian Schmitt-Kilb

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