Hard Times, Health, Issue 107 (2023)



Table of Contents
i Editorial     Anke Bartels and Luke Martell
1 The Private Sector Has No Answers to NHS Problems     John Lister
23 Ownership and Care, The Challenge of Building New Sustainable Social Care Organisations after COVID Requires Us to Understand ‘Ownership’ at Work     Aaron Gain
38 Britain’s Care Crisis: Why Claps Don’t Pay Bills and Money’s Not Enough     Emma Dowling
53 Standing Together at the Edge of the World, The Decameron Project: 29 New Stories from the Pandemic     Harald Pittel
63 Safely Dead?: Pandemic Poetry and the Limits of Power     Ira Raja and Somya Choudhary
81 Concerts After COVID-19    Dylan James Peterson
94 Navigating Marginal Familial and Globalised Childhoods in Kenya during COVID-19     Oduor Obura
105 Long Covid: Digital Health Technologies, Patient Activism, and Illness Narratives     Monika Pietrzak-Franger
121 Sexual Health and the British (High) School Experience in Netflix’s Sex Education     Aileen Behrendt

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