Hard Times (Issue 106) The Ecological Crisis in Britain



Hard Times Magazine

ISSN 0171-1695 (106)

Format A5, S. 92

Table of Contents:

The Ecological Crisis in Britain
Sebastian Berg, Hanne Bolze and Christian Schmitt-Kilb

Political Ecology and Environmentalism in Britain
Brendan Prendiville

Facing the UK’s Historical Responsibility for Climate Change with the Conservative Party in Government(?)
Leo Grabowski

Postcards, from the future
Kylie Crane

“how YOU can help”: The Climate Crisis in Children’s Picture Books
Hanne Bolze

Moving Forward With and Beyond Extinction Rebellion
Alexander Kurunczi

Urbanature Planning: Galway National Park City
Tina-Karen Pusse

“Let’s take everybody along, let’s improve wellbeing and stop focusing on growth”:
An Interview with Rob Nunney, Green Party Councillor in Manchester
Sebastian Berg

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